Boiled Rice Soup with Chicken -Khao Tom Kai


One day I’ll return to the village where I grew up. That is my dream. I have never been back. Meanwhile I wake up and the rain is pouring down here in Yorkshire England. Although I love this country too something stronger than me pulls me back, calls to me. I don’t know how many of you feel this pull but the village is always with me, inside of me, like a best friend trying to bring out the best in me. This dish used to be a staple morning treat. Steaming hot and full of goodness. It will chase the January blues away.

Serves 4

1.35 later chicken stock
300g chicken breast sliced thinly
750g cooked rice
1 tbsp chopped pickled cabbage
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground white pepper
4 oz finely sliced celery
2 spring onions sliced
2 oz fried garlic cloves
3 oz sliced red chilli with vinegar
2 tbsp fish sauce

Boil the chicken stock in a pan. Add the chicken,rice,cabbage,salt and pepper. Boil the chicken until cooked, about 8-10 minutes. Add the celery and spring onion and remove from the heat immediately.

Pour into bowls and sprinkle with the fried garlic. Serve with the red chilli and fish sauce in separate bowls.


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