Pickled Tea Leaf Salad from Burma – Lahphet


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Morphy Richards

I opened the parcel that Grandpa Somchai had given me and inside was a beautiful elephant marionette. I had nothing to give in return except a promise in my heart that I would honour this gift.


After that Grandpa Somchai and I became firm friends. I learnt that his name wasn’t Somchai at all. That was the name he’d adopted when he’d come to live in Thailand. His true name was Myaing which means Forest. He lived in small house on stilts near the market with a Macaque monkey called Moe which means rain. As often as I could I’d slip away to visit him and listen to tales of his life in Burma.


He had been a marionette artist in Burma and had a whole set of puppets in his house. It was like finding treasure. This is where I first tried Pickled Tea Leaf Salad.

To see a wonderful recipe for this visit. http://fromthekitchenofolivia.blogspot.co.uk

Olivia lives in Michigan and has a wonderful blog.

One day before I left Grandpas’s house he said to me, “I’m going to tell you something you must never forget. One day it may save your life.”


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