Healthy Thai Herbal Drink


Grandpa Miang used to make a delicious healthy drink made from the Thai reed ‘By Tua’.

For a great recipe for this see Appon’s website :

He was the one who first told me about Leikpyas.

Maybe you don’t know what a leikpya is. Leikpyas are the butterfly souls of the people of Myanmar. They leave the body every night and journey through the world. They bring back the dreams. At death they say goodbye to the mortal body and seek new life in another time and place. In another person. Leikpyas can see many things, be in many places at once which is why they know things. If you wake the body when they are travelling it can be fatal. They hover between the material world and the spiritual world.


Grandpa Miang had a herbal garden where he grew ‘By Tua’.

I learnt many things about herbs from him.


Photograph thanks to Tevaprapas.

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