Thai Licorice Root

Next time you get a fever, try this effective remedy which I learnt from Grandpa Miang in the village.


Preparation: Tea from 1 tsp dried powdered root in 1 cup (250 ml) hot water.

It was many years ago and in fact it sometimes feels like a lifetime ago that I lay seriously ill on the verandah of our wooden house on stilts. My parents were besides themselves with worry. I was running a fever of 104 F.

I remember Grandpa Miang sitting next to me telling me a story of the forest fairy blue-bird. His words were soothing as I floated in and out of consciousness. He gently lifted my head and held a tiny cup to my mouth. Perhaps that one act saved my life. Who knows? For up until then nothing had brought the fever down. Conventional medicine had failed. Grandpa Miang told me the spirit of the fairy blue-bird had taken my fever away. That experience influenced me for the rest of my life and shaped who I became.

Grandpa Miang’s soft gentle words, his story, the time and attention he gave to me and the healing power of nature’s licorice root taught me : I belong here. I belong in this world. There is a place for me.. I realised yesterday as I was thinking about this blog that this perhaps is the purpose of it. There is so much advice about finding your niche among 164 million of us. I started to waver and wonder whether there is enough space for one more voice. But then I remembered Grandpa Miang. We all have a unique voice. We all have something special to offer the world. So far my postings have been experiments, attempts to find my voice but this morning I woke up and something felt different. I was blessed with a unique home in the village as a child and now I want to share all that I learnt. So if you are reading this please take away one thing. I give it for free just as Grandpa Miang gave it to me. Know that you belong. Know it in your heart and soul and know it in the whole of your being. If you can relate to this I would love to hear from you and hear your story.


4 thoughts on “Thai Licorice Root

  1. I love this post – it’s the heart of all of us — belonging. Particularly those of us who feel far from ‘home’. I love these lines especially: I started to waver and wonder whether there is enough space for one more voice. But then I remembered Grandpa Miang. We all have a unique voice….this was one of the reasons I began blogging as well.All the best to you in this endeavour.

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